Greens accuse LNP of a subversive attack on school science

The Queensland Greens urged politicians to keep their hands off school curricula and leave it to the education experts. They were responding to an LNP State Conference decision to cut mainstream climate science from Queensland's school science curriculum.

Greens spokesperson, Dr Jim McDonald, said that the decision is a subversive attack on knowledge, especially in the teaching of science.

“It is an attempt by extremist elements in the LNP to promote both pseudo-science based upon belief and the conspiracy theories of climate deniers who allege that almost all of the world's scientists researching climate change are wrong.

“Science is not about belief: it teaches children to observe, test and apply knowledge.

“The LNP adoption of the policy represents an ultra-conservative attack on quality education for Queensland children. It opens the way to the introduction of creationism in schools, another belief-based denial of science.

“Climate denialism and creationism undermine science teaching, which encourages the acquisition of knowledge and a critical perspective on assertions that are made without the foundation of facts.

“Our children should leave school with the ability to assess opinions, distinguish unfounded assertions, appreciate the value of scientific debate on the nature of the universe, and apply these critical principles to all areas of knowledge.

“While there has been some necessary correction of the influence of post-modernism on school curricula and the post-modern assertions that knowledge is relative, the LNP seems to have sold out to elements in their party who have hidden agendas.

“They promote simplistic world views that are at odds with the international scientific community and its work on the changing climate.

“At least the Premier has expressed reservations about the move from the extreme wing of his party.

“The Greens call on Mr Newman to firmly adopt the principle of leaving the curriculum to the subject experts rather than cave in to those members who find the obscure logic of the journalist, Lord Monckton, more persuasive than the huge body of scientific work on the climate.

“Scientists have built a greater understanding of the causes and effects of climate change that can be harnessed in learning how humans can both deal with the effects of global warming and modify their impact on our complex and sensitive environment.

“It is essential that the next generation is equipped to deal with these challenges. If LNP extremists get their way, the future generation will be ill-equipped to prepare for the impacts of climate change.”