Greens accuse Newman Government of Work Choices agenda

The Greens accuse the Newman Government of preparing to launch an attack of Work Choices proportions on working conditions.

Greens spokesperson, Dr Jim McDonald, said that the Queensland Council of Unions could gain from closer cooperation with The Greens following the announcement by the LNP Government to change the State's industrial relations system.

“Mr Newman has the family wage-earner in his sights. The LNP's attack on the rights of public service workers to strike under existing laws sends a clear message to the union movement that the protections of the Queensland Industrial Relations Act are under threat.

“The Greens are extremely concerned that the State Government's industrial relations policies will suppress employee rights to a fair industrial relations system.

“If the LNP adopts Work Choices type changes, they will ultimately disadvantage all Queensland workers and their families by further undermining job security and the ability of workers to protect their working conditions and wages.

“An attack on working conditions and job security is an attack on the financial security of Queensland families.

“The Premier has started with closing the Queensland Workplace Rights Office, which supported the Queensland Workplace Rights Ombudsman. The Workplace Rights Ombudsman provided information and advice to workers and employers about workplace rights and obligations.

“It demonstrates the low priority of the LNP Government on the rights of employees in the State.

“Campbell Newman gave no hint during the election that he intended to undermine the industrial relations system.

“Workers and the Queensland Council of Unions have every reason to be suspicious of Mr Campbell's intentions regarding workplace rules, given the lack of judgement expressed in the decisions made in the first 50 days of the LNP Government.

“The Greens are ready to stand by the Queensland Council of Unions and working families.

“It is a fundamental policy of The Greens that Queenslanders are better off with secure employment. The Queensland Government should lead by example and protect the rights and conditions of its staff.”


Further comment contact: Jim McDonald