Greens alarmed at Campbell Newman's 100 days back to the future

The first 100 days of Campbell Newman's Premiership have been a disaster for Queensland's future according to the Queensland Greens.

On the 100th day of taking over responsibility for governing the State and all its features and assests, Premier Newman's success on the big issues can be judged as turbidity levels rise again in Gladstone Harbour.

Queensland Greens spokesperson, Dr Jim McDonald, said that it's not just inaction on environmental damage that is wrecking the fishing industry in Gladstone marking the first hundred days. Mr Newman has also deliberately killed off the immediate future for renewable energy in Queensland.

In the past few days, the LNP Government has slashed feed-in tariffs for domestic solar electricity generation by 82 percent.

This is a gross betrayal of families that have taken a responsible approach to energy use. It removes incentives for households to lower their reliance on the State's coal-fired power stations.

It also swings the wrecking ball against the solar panel and installation industryan attack on existing small businesses and employment in the renewable energy sector.

Yesterday's announcement to shut down Australia's largest solar energy scheme also kills off any certainty for investment in large scale renewables in Queensland.

It is as if Mr Newman has deliberately set out to undermine the Federal Government's investment in renewable energy funded by the carbon pricing scheme that came into effect on Sunday.

The Premier has misled Queensland voters. During the election Mr Newman announced that 'The LNP will establish Queensland's Resources and Energy sector as a world leader once more and get Queensland back on track with a real plan for our State's future.'

What he has actually done is ensure Queensland remains locked into a coal-fired past for another decade while the rest of the world moves on.

This is alarming as the new Government looks set to ignore the realities of a changing national and global economy while countries like Germany with fewer sunny days than anywhere in Australia is a solar powerhouse and large scale wind power in the USA is now almost as cheap as coal-fired electricity.

Coal seam gas exploration needs to be set aside while the science is done on the threats to Queensland's aquifers, streams and farmland to rule out the serious environmental damage that is apparent in the US and the UK. That requires a vision for the future that has not characterised the first 100 days.