Greens fight coal seam gas in Queensland

Greens fight coal seam gas

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20 October 2011

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and Queensland Senator Larissa Waters today joined Queensland Greens state election candidates Adam Stone and Dr Sandra Bayley and Libby Connors of Queensland Rural and Regional Greens and Yeerongpilly candidate, at the launch of the new television commercial against coal seam gas.

"We need to protect the fragile ecosystems on which we all rely. The ugly, headlong rush into coal seam gas by outside interests for mining profits comes with a cost - today, next year and for coming generations," Senator Brown said in Brisbane.

The Greens' advertisement calls on Queenslanders to join the movement against the coal seam gas industry because of its impact on farmland, underground water resources and the environment.

"Coal seam gas has spread like cancer across Queensland with 4,000 wells already approved on our best farmland and another 40,000 planned over the next 20 years," Senator Waters said.

"No other party in Federal Parliament - not Labor, Liberals or the Nationals - are backing the Greens' bill to protect farmland from coal seam gas, and they also voted against a moratorium on coal seam gas until we have more information about its long term impacts," Senator Waters said.

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