Greens present 3 ideas to get Brisbane into the top 10

The Queensland Greens would identify and consult with community-minded activists and experts for the next wave of innovative ideas, clever infrastructure and simple policy initiatives. It is these innovators that are going to be the key to making Brisbane one of the top ten liveable cities in the world over the next decade.

Queensland Greens spokesperson Anthony Pink said today that Brisbane’s disappointing results in a global study of the liveability of world cities is a sad incitement of the big infrastructure spending that comes at a cost of the city being liveable, and if further compounded by policy stagnation of both old parties.  “Brisbane has some major advantages over the southern capitals, but years of antiquated and unoriginal projects from both the LNP and Labor have seen our capital suffer the effects of poor thinking, eating into our natural environment, impacting negatively on our cities’ liveability.”

“We understand that the State and Council budgets are under pressure, so we are suggesting three low cost initiatives that could have a significant impact on the liveability of Brisbane”

Mr Pink cited policy initiatives, like South Australia’s long-running container deposit laws, have made Adelaide a cleaner place to live.  “Enacting something as simple as a container deposit law can have a big effect on the environment we live in with very little cost to the consumer, and will have a big impact on the environment we live in everyday.”

Mr Pink also suggests supporting community enterprises and eco-businesses to solve local environmental and social issues while contributing to the economy “If we want healthy vibrant and liveable cities, government must improve and support the community activists who create safe, healthy, and beautiful and functional places for people and wildlife to thrive in.  And governments can start with the most basic of ideas: to shift the tax burden of social problems to specialist businesses, creating clean waterways, healthy land, eco-tourism, eco-industrial parks, eco-eateries, and shifting charity into enterprise, imagine the possibilities and transformation: all of this transformation encouraged through seed funding eco-activism in local communities in partnership with community services.”

Mr Pink went on to criticise the old parties for their sloppy thinking around transportation “We are loosing billions of dollars every year to traffic jams and public transport failures, on top of that the state government and Brisbane council have ploughed billions into under-utilised public infrastructure.  The Greens propose Car pooling sign-up sites, Half-price inter-zone travel in Zone 1, expanding park & ride facilities through private partnerships. All of these concepts achieved through cross subsidisation in the inner transport zones to start the process of getting cars out of our congested inner city and make public transport a more attractive option”

“There is much to be gained by applying the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to local problems; a strength that Queenslanders are known for. Giving the right support to community builders can breathe life into disadvantaged, decaying and neglected communities and empower and intensify the original investment so our suburbs and city is vibrant.”

“Good ideas are not a monopoly, so we encourage anyone with an idea to contact the Queensland Greens and start a conversation that will energise our communities and make our city one of the most liveable in the world”


Queensland Greens Spokesperson

Anthony Pink: 0402 093 955 or