Greens say LNP cuts to tenancy support will hurt battlers

LNP Takes Money from the Pockets of Battlers to Fund Housing Budget

The Greens have slammed the latest cuts by the state government to advice services for people who rent their homes.

Queensland Greens Convenor, Andrew Bartlett, said the cuts will put the housing security of many battling Queensland renters at risk and make it easier for them to be ripped off and denied their legal rights.

"There's not much point tenants having legal rights if they aren't able to fnd out what those rights are and have the chance to get them enforced. 

"The state Liberal National Party government has once again broken their promise to govern humbly and in the interests of all Queenslanders.  These latest cuts are yet again going to hurt battlers most. 

"The money for the Tenancy Advice and Advocacy Service comes predominantly from interest earned on the bond payments paid by people in private rental accommodation.

"The LNP's money management skills are so poor they have to use money earned out tenants' pockets to cover their housing budget, whilst still having no problem finding money to build new government offices."