Greens Support Single Parents

Yesterday the Senate passed a motion to cut payments to single parents.  Only the Greens and two other cross bench Senators voted against the motion.

The old parties yesterday proved that they are unable or unwilling to match their rhetoric with their actions. Greens candidate for Dawson Jonathon Dykyj said.
Labor and the LNP both talk about looking out for the interests of families and that they are concerned about the cost of living.  
But yesterday the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal-National coalition joined together to take money away from single parents and put them onto the Newstart allowance which has been shown to be far from adequate and puts people on or below the poverty line.
This doesn’t just affect the parents; it affects the children as well.
The Newstart allowance has not been increased in real terms since 1994.  I hold deep concerns for what these changes mean for single parents in Dawson and in a place like Mackay where the cost of living is so high.
It is fundamentally wrong for the Labor government to so blindly pursue a surplus for political reasons only, and that it is willing to cut payments to single parents, with the LNP aiding and abetting these cruel cuts all the way.” Mr Dykyj said.
Why should single parents be forced to pay for the surplus?  
The ALP refuse to look at other savings in the budget like the loop hole in the MMRT and the $2 billion tax payers give to the fossil fuel industry for their diesel use.
These changes will take $728 million over four years from the pockets of sole parents and their children, cutting their already meagre incomes by up to $115 per week.
Back in September the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights Inquiry into the Fair Incentives to Work Bill recommended that the legislation be deferred until the current Senate Inquiry into the adequacy of Newstart is complete.
It’s not only the Greens and the Parliamentary Committee saying this either, social welfare advocates like the Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) and the St Vincent De Paul Society to name a few are also opposed to these changes.
Despite these warnings the Labor government pressed ahead with the bill regardless of the impacts to these families.
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