Greens Support Workers and Tackle LNP at Rally

Whitsunday Coast and Country branch spokesperson and candidate for Dawson Jonathon Dykyj will be attending the Queensland Council of Unions state-wide Day of Action rally to be held at the Old Town Hall Park, Sydney St between 12pm and 1.30pm today.

“With yesterday’s devastating budget coming down revealing more workers are to lose their jobs with more services to be slashed, the Queensland Greens are galvanising their support for all Queenslanders who are bearing the brunt of the Newman LNP Government’s savage attacks.”  Mr Dykyj said.

“After having the previous government privatise and sell-off assets, and with this current government continuing that trend and going even further, it is now left only to the Greens to continue to advocate for an effective, efficient, well resourced and respected public service.

“Many Greens are members of unions, I myself am a delegate for United Voice Queensland.  We can see how these attacks are hurting not just those individuals who have lost their jobs and those community groups who have lost their funding, but the Queensland community – especially in the regions – as a whole.  

On the weekend our annual state conference unanimously passed the following motion:

‘That the Queensland Greens 2012 State Conference affirms its support for the tens of thousands of Queenslanders, their families and their communities, who have been severely impacted by the unprecedented and unjustified, ideologically driven attacks by the Newman LNP government on the public service, community and NGO sectors.

The Queensland Greens 2012 State Conference resolves, to actively campaign along-side the union movement and those affected against these attacks.’

Mr Dykyj continued, “Unfortunately, it looks as though this budget is a sneak peek as to what the Tony Abbott led coalition will seek to do, which is less for health, education and other critical services that Australians rely on every day as they continue their crusade against the rights of workers.”


CONTACT:Jonathon Dykyj - 0407 100 346