Greens Take Fight for Jobs to Community Cabinet

Queensland Greens spokesperson Jonathon Dykyj will be attending the Community Cabinet meeting to be held in Proserpine this Sunday.

“We will be there standing shoulder to shoulder with the union members who will be protesting against the Newman government’s vicious and unnecessary attacks on public services and the people who provide them.”  Mr Dykyj said today.

“How is it that Premier Newman and his razor gangs can find $300,000 for a high court challenge to benefit LNP ‘owner’ Clive Palmer and $110million for the racing industry, but yet they continue their short-sighted and ideologically driven attacks on services which benefit all Queenslanders?

“This is a question that I hope to ask the Premier directly on Sunday.

“These attacks have been across the board in areas such as health, education, community care, the environment, infrastructure and the arts.

“After Labor started flogging off public assets and now these latest attacks on the public service from the LNP, it’s clear that the Greens are the only ones who are advocating a socially just and economically responsible vision, which will provide for a sustainable and prosperous future for Queensland.”

CONTACT:  Jonathon Dykyj - 0407 100 346