LNP Backflip on Wild Rivers


Dr Sandra Bayley, the Greens candidate for Ashgrove, welcomes yesterday's report in the Queensland Country Life that Campbell Newman and the LNP have back-flipped on their opposition to wild rivers laws in south west Queensland.

“I hope that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that he will go on to reverse his decision to undo Wild Rivers Legislation in Cape York”, said Dr Bayley

The environment is obviously becoming a critical issue in this campaign, particularly in relation to coal seam gas mining.  

“I door knock daily. It has become the most rewarding part of each day.  When I first started door knocking, coal seam gas was hardly on the radar.  However, 90% of people now express strong opposition to it growing at the rate at which it is without apparent checks and balances in place”  Dr Bayley said.


For more information, please contact Sandra Bayley (details below) or Helen Fairweather on 0401839506.

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Candidate for Ashgrove

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