LNP can't be trusted on privatisation

The Queensland Greens have slammed the LNP’s moves to sell down its stake of QR National, calling them hypocrites on privatisation.

Queensland Greens Spokesperson, Rachael Jacobs said “They claim to have originally opposed the privatisation of state assets, yet here they are sacrificing a long term revenue earner to make a quick buck.”
“It’s completely hypocritical. Like Queensland Labor, the LNP can’t be trusted on privatisation.” Ms Jacobs said "The Greens are the only party with a consistent stance against privatisation. We’ve opposed it from day one.”
“We need to be investing in rail transportation not allowing our rail network to become a plaything for foreign mining billionaires."
"This is just more revenue from the mining boom that will go overseas. The LNP government owes it to Queenslanders to keep as much of the revenue generated from mining in Queensland and yet again they’ve failed that responsibility."
Jacobs added "It's no surprise that QR National's share price rose on the announcement of the sale. If investors can see the value of accessing QR National's divided stream, why can't Newman and Nicholls?"
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