Saving money on bills with sustainable housing.
Also air pollution from uncovered coal wagons through Dutton Park, Buranda and Stones Corner
Yesterday I had a fruitful meeting with the Australian Conservation Foundation's Don Henry and Monica Richter and with Adam Stone, Green's candidate for Ashgrove.
We discussed environmental issues relevant to the inner city areas like West End, Stones Corner, Dutton Park and Buranda. What was important is that overtime; sustainable housing with good design, solar power and water capture will have lower running costs and save people costs on regular bills like water and electricity. The Greens are committed to sustainable housing and to helping people enjoy lower running costs.
We also discussed innercity air pollution. I will urgently investigate the number of uncovered dusty coal wagons that are passsing through Dutton Park, Buranda and East  Brisbane to the port.
Adam Stone (MtCoot-tha) me, Jo Bragg, Don Henry and Monica Richter