Member for Dawson Fishing for Votes With Fake Bait

George Christensen’s private members' bill regarding proposed marine parks highlights either his ignorance on this issue or his preparedness to deliberately misrepresent the facts in order to try and win votes, or both.
"The scientific studies have been done and the science is supportive. More than 300 scientists from around Australia and 21 other countries made a joint submission outlining the values of the region and the value of setting aside a large highly protected tropical pelagic ecosystem." Queensland Greens candidate for Dawson Jonathon Dykyj said this morning.
"Recreational and charter fishing will still be able to take place in nearly half of the Coral Sea including 18 of the Coral Sea’s 25 currently unprotected reefs and a further 4 are partially open.  The closest ‘no take’ areas of the new marine park are hundreds of kilometres from our coastline.  
Impacts to commercial fishing will be less than 1% of the total gross value produced by Australian fisheries (Fishery Status Report, 2010, ABARES) and compensation is on offer.

"Perhaps Mr Christensen should be dedicating his time to actual threats to fishing like climate change, destructive fossil fuel port developments (Gladstone, Hay/Dudgeon Points, Abbot Point) and the super trawler the MV Margaris.  
"The proposed system of marine parks are really no different to our estate of national parks that we have on land.  

"Interestingly, since 1982 Coalition governments have created 22 marine parks around the country including the current Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
"At the heart of Greens policy is sustainability.  Not shutting things down, but ensuring that activities are done in a way so that we don’t squander or deplete our natural resources, which would harm or disadvantage those who come after us. It is worthwhile remembering that healthy and prosperous societies and economies are totally dependent on having healthy and resilient environments around them."

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