Mining the Galilee Basin further evidence of LNP short-sightedness

The Deputy Premier's cavalier rejection of an impeccably referenced new Greenpeace report into the greenhouse impacts of the mega coal mines planned for Central Queensland’s Galilee Basin further illustrates the LNP's inability to plan for the future, say the Queensland Greens.

"These nine mines in Central Queensland will result in nearly double the greenhouse gas emissions that the entire Australian economy generates in a year, yet Mr Seeney has rejected these findings out of hand because he doesn’t like the report’s authors,” said Queensland Greens Senate candidate, Adam Stone.

“Apparently pumping staggering quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is ‘vital to Queensland’s economic future’, despite repeated expert warnings of the damage unchecked climate change will inflict on our economy.

“The Australia Institute has also produced analysis showing that Clive Palmer’s China First mine will actually cost local jobs in manufacturing, tourism and agriculture, not to mention the destruction of the 8000 hectare Bimblebox Nature Refuge.

“While the LNP continues to view Queensland’s vibrant and diverse economy as ‘the coal business’, as our Premier described it in recent months, it seems that these broader consequences will remain beyond their notice.”

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