Nepotism is not the big issue, politicising the Public Service is

The Queensland Greens say that the circumstances that have been revealed by the Courier Mail regarding a former public servant, who was the daughter of a minister, do not in themselves add up to nepotism.  Regardless, the continued controversies surrounding the Newman government’s hiring policies are denting confidence in the impartiality and independence of our public institutions.

“Everyone should have the opportunity to work in the public service based on their suitability for the role, and we are willing to accept that the family of a minister should not be counted out of that process” Queensland Greens spokesperson Anthony Pink said today

“The public service takes a lot of care in ensuring that everyone in the process of recruitment gets a fair go. It’s what an even handed public sector does.  That may become harder however, as the LNP government hires former politicians and intimidates public businesses with party staff.”

Scandals involving LNP executives like Barry O’Sullivan and the hiring of politicians to key roles in the public service including Peter Costello and Michael Caltabiano will make it difficult for the principles of a non-partisan public service to be maintained.

“It may be little things here and there today, but if we allow the public service to become just another part of the LNP, it will act in the best interests of the developers and miners that line its pockets.”


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