Newman’s justifications for lifting uranium ban ludicrous


The justifications Campbell Newman offered on ABC 612 this morning for breaching his election commitment not to change Queensland’s anti uranium mining policy are manifestly ludicrous, say the Queensland Greens.

Mr Newman blamed lobbying from the Federal Labor Government and Federal Labor’s decision to pursue uranium sales to India.

“These are ludicrous statements designed to provide cover for a decision that the LNP obviously made long ago,” said Queensland Greens lead Senate candidate, Adam Stone.

“Federal Labor changed its policy on uranium sales to India in December 2011 – four months before the State election where Mr Newman professed to have no plans to change Queensland’s uranium mining policy.

“And since when has the LNP ever felt the need to accommodate Federal Labor’s preferences?  I eagerly anticipate Queensland’s participation in the National Disability Insurance Scheme, our return to the Solar Flagships program, and our enthusiastic support for carbon pricing.”


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