The Premier is right – if you don’t support uranium mining vote Greens

The Queensland Greens welcome the Premier's appeal in State Parliament yesterday for those opposed to uranium mining to vote for the Greens.

“Mr Newman is right, of course,” said Qld Greens Senate candidate, Adam Stone.

“Labor are hopelessly conflicted on this issue – while they were in government in Queensland they permitted uranium exploration but prohibited uranium mining, and now they oppose uranium mining in Queensland while promoting it federally and internationally.

“The LNP on the other hand have always been in favour but pretended they weren’t for long enough to sneak into office.  Now they are so supportive that they make up fanciful job creation and economic benefits in their efforts to spruik the industry.

“But you know where you stand with the Greens.  We don’t support uranium mining.  The end.”


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