Qld Government lacks credibility on climate change

Today’s report from the federal Climate Commission highlights the many risks and opportunities associated with climate change in Queensland, but there is little reason to believe that the Queensland Government has the capacity to manage them responsibly, say the Queensland Greens.

“This report highlights the risks climate change poses to the homes, jobs and natural icons of Queenslanders, and the opportunities begging to be grasped in the clean energy industries,” said Queensland Greens Senate candidate, Adam Stone.

“Yet so far this Government’s record has involved dismantling the State’s climate programs, gutting the feed-in tariff that has been driving the uptake of household solar, campaigning against the federal carbon price that levies big polluters and invests the proceeds in clean energy, and our Environment Minister is on the record questioning climate change science.

"I hope to see Mr Powell at tonight's Climate Commission forum where he can quiz the experts, put his doubts to rest, and get on with governing in a way that reflects the urgency of the challenge climate change represents.

“Responsible action on climate change will protect our communities and deal Queensland into the booming international clean energy market.  But it is hard to be optimistic that our State Government will seize that opportunity given their sorry record.”

Contact Adam Stone, Queensland Greens Lead Senate Candidate, 0417 629 852

Mr Stone will be available for comment at the Climate Commission’s Brisbane forum this evening at the Greek Club, 29 Edmondstone St, South Brisbane, 6-7.30pm.

The Climate Commission’s report on Queensland is available here: http://climatecommission.gov.au/report/queensland-climate-impacts-opportunities/