Qld Resources Council grossly misrepresents Greenpeace report

The Queensland Resources Council has grossly misrepresented Greenpeace’s report on the potential impacts of the nine proposed coal mines in the Galilee Basin in an effort to divert justifiable public concern, say the Queensland Greens.

“Where the Deputy Premier was content to brush off Greenpeace’s findings and his responsibility for the future of our State with some casual name-calling, the Queensland Resources Council has engaged in active distortion of the facts,” said Queensland Greens Senate candidate, Adam Stone.

“Greenpeace forecast 330 million tonnes of coal exports from the Galilee Basin drawing on the mining companies’ own figures, yet the QRC accused them of forecasting 1056 million tonnes of coal exports from Queensland.

“The QRC presented a Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics (BREE) projection for Queensland coal exports in 2020 as the only reasonable forecast, even though five of the Galilee Basin’s nine mines will not be at full production by 2020.

 “And QRC’s own Queensland Resource Sector State Growth Outlook Study, commissioned from the ‘scary monsters unit’ at Deloitte, forecasts maximum Queensland coal production of 700 million tonnes per year in 2020 – more than double BREE’s upper limit of 327 million tonnes in 2020.

“By all means, let’s have a public debate about the merits of mining the Galilee Basin.  But let’s do the public the favour of confining ourselves to facts and reason and attempting to present a coherent and consistent case.”



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See attached analysis for the flaws in the QRC’s arguments and supporting references.


My press release from 19 September 2012 on this subject: http://qld.greens.org.au/content/mining-galilee-basin-further-evidence-lnp-short-sightedness


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BREE report: http://www.bree.gov.au/documents/publications/_other/Export-Infrastructure-Report.pdf    

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