Removal of uranium ban cynical, anti-democratic


Lifting Queensland’s uranium mining ban is a cynical, anti-democratic move in light of the LNP’s pre-election assurances that they had “no plans” to revise this policy, say the Queensland Greens.

“If the LNP wants to walk away from its pre-election commitment to leave the uranium mining ban undisturbed, then it should prosecute that argument in the lead up to the next State election,” said Queensland Greens’ Lead Senate candidate, Adam Stone.

“Lifting the ban now would be incredibly cynical and disrespectful of voters.

“The uranium industry is toxic, dangerous and unnecessary, and the employment benefits being bandied about by vested interests are grossly overstated.

“The LNP obviously fears that Queenslanders do not want uranium mining, but misleading them to secure a pathway to office is not an acceptable solution in a democracy.”


Contact: Adam Stone

Ph: 0417 629 852

recent editorial by Mr Stone on uranium mining in Queensland is available here (but note it contains an error – Australia has not yet started selling uranium to India, although the Federal Government is pursuing this market)