Review of committee system must enhance parliamentary scrutiny, not further undermine it

The Greens have urged the LNP to adopt a more innovative approach to their planned restructure of the parliamentary committee system if the committees are to have any hope of serving their intended purpose of bringing scrutiny and public input to government decision making.

‘Ray Stevens has suggested that the Queensland Parliament’s six member committees may now each include four government members.  How can government-dominated committees have any hope of bringing a fresh and independent perspective to proposed government activities?’ said Greens candidate for South Brisbane, Jo Bragg.

‘The risk with no upper house, a politicised public service, and a committee system that involves the government scrutinising itself, is that no one ever has the opportunity to pour cold water on government folly  before it is implemented and the Queensland community has to live with the consequences.’

‘Ray Stevens has said that the small number of non-government MPs means the change is unavoidable, but there are a number of far better options to explore first if we are serious about parliamentary accountability.’

‘How about the committees meet on different days, including on non-sitting weeks, so that non-government MPs can serve on several committees?’

‘Or a more interesting idea: let’s include relevant experts on parliamentary committees alongside MPs, giving us the advantage of specialised input and ensuring that no political party has a majority.’

‘Solutions are available if we are serious about ensuring that Queensland benefits from properly considered government action.’

For further information contact Jo Bragg on 0428 104 476