Say no to binge drilling

SAY NO TO BINGE DRILLING: Why sporting & community groups should say no to gas corporation sponsorship

Communities should oppose “binge drilling” just as they oppose binge drinking, say the Queensland Greens.

Queensland Greens spokesperson Dr Libby Connors says communities need to protect themselves and their environments from “the evils” of coal seam corporate sponsorship, just as they have refused alcohol sponsorship.

“Coal seam gas drilling is linked to a range of health problems in children living on the Tara residential estate on the western Downs so it has been distressing to learn that Santos and QGC have been offering various financial inducements to state schools and cultural organisations in Queensland,” Dr Connors said.

 “The health problems induced by coal seam gas drilling should make sponsorships by these corporations equally unsupportable.” 

The Greens congratulate national sports associations that have committed to refusing alcohol sponsorship and oppose binge drinking, instead promoting healthy lifestyles.  The party will continue to stand up for communities and environments suffering from “binge drilling”. 

“We understand how hard it is for community groups to fundraise in the current economic environment but a line needs to be drawn.These companies are trying to buy a social licence,” she said. 

“We encourage community groups to recognise the inconsistency between their health and community development goals and the problems that coal seam gas development is causing for so many communities across the state.”

 Dr Connors said that the negative health impacts extended beyond humans to marine life in Gladstone Harbour where dredging for LNG port facilities has been linked by scientists to widespread disease in marine life. 


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