Science Again Calls Christensen To Account

Over 2000 coral reef scientists meeting for a symposium in Cairns this week have listed human induced climate change as the most pressing and dangerous of all the threats posed to our Great Barrier Reef.

"Therefore climate change is the biggest threat to the tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars income that is associated with our tourism and fishing industries, which are both heavily reliant on a healthy and robust Reef and marine environment." Greens candidate for Dawson, Jonathon Dykyj said today.

"The Greens are the only political party who have continually and consistently called for adequate action to meet the challenges and opportunities posed by climate change."

"But what do we see our elected representative, the member for Dawson, George Christensen doing? Well, he continues to deny the existence of climate change!"

"He is waging a campaign of deliberate misinformation on the most meaningful action ever to be taken on the issue and that is the price on pollution which is part of the Clean Energy Future package"

"Putting a price on pollution is the cheapest and most effective way to reduce emissions according to economists and scientists."

"It is also very much cheaper than having to deal with the effects of not acting on climate change."

"I will continue to put the Greens positive plan for a healthy and prosperous future forward and I will work hard to hold Mr Christensen to account for his reckless and misleading conduct.

For more information - JONATHON DYKYJ - 0407 100 346