Sunshine Coast Council must refuse quad bike tours in Woondum

Woondum National Park, or Mothar Mountain as many locals know it, is an area of outstanding natural beauty and biodiversity that ought to be protected for the quiet enjoyment of all locals, not compromised by commercial quad bike tours, say the Queensland Greens.

“Woondum is an exceptional place, home to threatened species like the Grey Goshawk, the Plumed Frogmouth, and the iconic Koala.  It is utterly unsuited to noisy processions of quad bikes,” said Queensland Greens Senate candidate, Adam Stone.

“That ought to have been blindingly obvious to the former State Labor Government that granted permission for the roads through the park to be used in this way, and the permit ought to be revoked by the current responsible LNP Minister, Steve Dickson.

“Sadly, that seems extremely unlikely given the LNP’s constant talk of commercialising our national parks, and it falls to the Sunshine Coast Council to take the responsible route and vote against this proposal on Thursday.”

The Sunshine Coast Council will consider an application to run the quad bike tours as a “home-based business” on Thursday 18th October.

Running machinery like quad bikes on a regular basis through national parks creates noise and dust, contributes to erosion, spreads weeds, and creates a fire risk when dry undergrowth comes into contact with hot engines.

“With less than 5% of Queensland protected as national park, surely we can find more suitable places for these sorts of activities.”

Contact:       Adam Stone Ph: 0417 629 852