Treat causes of Bruce's sickness not just symptoms.

 With the federal member for Dawson, George Christensen embarking on a tour of the Bruce Highway with other LNP MP's the Greens are appealing that they take into consideration other practical measures outside of just pot holes and overtaking lanes.

Candidate for Dawson Jonathon Dykyj says that whilst those things are important in the short term we need to be focused on addressing the causes of problems not just the symptoms.

“In our region these include things like reducing unnecessary freight on the highway by localising distribution networks especially for food and produce.” Mr Dykyj said.

“Investing more in rail services for passengers and freight will greatly reduce wear and tear and dramatically increase safety.

“Flood proofing is another major issue that needs addressing. Whilst putting more road users onto rail will help, there is no other alternative to fixing flood prone areas other than raising the road and improving drainage in affected areas.

“As a frequent user of the stretch between Mackay and Townsville myself, I commend Mr Christensen for his championing of this issue but these problems are nothing new and you would think that the LNP would show some humility given that they were in government, which included the then member for Dawson De-Anne Kelly, for nearly 12 years and did very little about these problems.

“It's time for some out of box thinking on this with practical and sustainable solutions which also make good economic sense and that is what the Greens are providing.”

CONTACT: Jonathon Dykyj - 0407 100 346