UNESCO Report confirms need for immediate stop work in Gladstone

The Queensland Greens have welcomed the detailed assessment report from UNESCO following their visit to Queensland in March.  The full report was released yesterday.

‘It is time to stop work in Gladstone Harbour,’ Greens spokesperson Dr Libby Connors said this afternoon.

‘We must get the science right before proceeding.

‘So far the Queensland Government has been prepared to sell out the commercial fishing of Gladstone Harbour for the LNG and coal port developments which is a tragedy.

‘But we cannot allow Queensland to lose World Heritage Status for its major tourist attraction.  The impact on tourism will be too dreadful to contemplate.’

Dr Connors pointed out that Queensland has very limited time to correct the development mistakes in Gladstone.

‘The UNESCO committee wants evidence of progress by February 2013.

‘It is time the state government called a halt until realistic environmental management plans have been developed.

‘We need fresh plans which have the support of independent marine scientists, not Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and Ports officials who have repeatedly misled the public over the gravity of the harbour’s problems.

‘We are not a coal state, Premier, we are a diverse economy but this government’s inaction could rapidly turn us into a single pillar coal economy.’



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The dredging plume from Gladstone coal and LNG port facilities reaches 35 kilometres into World Heritage Waters