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Community conference to crack council election issues wide open

Local Greens candidate for the Gabba Ward, Jonathan Sri, will host Brisbane’s biggest ever community conference on Saturday, 6 February, with over 15,000 residents invited.

The full-day conference – the first of its kind in Brisbane – will give residents the chance to voice their views and hear from 18 experts in six different sessions covering development and affordable housing, public transport, democratic reform and even council corruption.

Greens Condemn Rushed Referendum Seeking More Power For Politicians

The Queensland Greens say the Labor and Liberal parties are trying to sneak through a referendum aimed at giving them more power and reduced accountability.

Greens spokesperson Andrew Bartlett says it is outrageous that the two big parties are giving barely six week’s notice to the community on a major change which will mean fewer elections and less accountability for their actions.

“Even at this ridiculously late stage, the Premier’s belated official announcement states that the Government and Opposition are still to finalise a "yes" case committee.

Greens slam Queensland’s ‘Secret Referendum’‏

The Greens say the state government is treating Queenslanders and the state’s local Councils with contempt by failing to give proper notice of a referendum aimed at giving politicians more time in office.

Spokesperson for the Queensland Greens, Andrew Bartlett, says “it is clear the government is trying to sneak this change through by stealth; trying to hide the referendum behind regular local Council elections and leaving it as late as possible for information to be provided to voters.”

QLD Greens affirm the necessity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consent on Constitutional recognition

Australia's Parliament House

The Queensland Greens have responded to media reports regarding a motion on Constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians passed by the party’s State Council last weekend.

Liberal Govt’s global warming policy ineffective and unfunded

Reports today confirm the Liberal Government’s global warming policy is a sham and that there’s no long-term funding budgeted for the expensive policy.

Reporting of RepuTex modelling today shows that in the 2014-15 financial year Australia’s climate pollution rose for the first time in a decade and that national climate pollution is set to keep increasing to 2030.  

Turnbull Govt repeats Abbott’s trick in gutting the board of the Renewable Energy Agency‏

The Liberal Government is trying to stifle the independence of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency by neglecting to appoint new board members leaving the Environment Department Secretary as the only director, who has quorum.  

“The Turnbull Government is repeating Tony Abbott’s old tricks,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and climate change spokesperson, said.

“This one is straight out of Abbott’s playbook – he did exactly the same thing in 2014.

Anglo American must not palm off duty to provide Central Qld jobs‏

The Queensland Government must make sure Anglo American does not dodge its responsibility to provide Central Queensland jobs in rehabilitation by selling its unprofitable Callide coal mine to a shelf company.

Anglo American has agreed to sell its mine to a tiny company which has raised only $750,000 from investors. It was reported today that the investment in jobs and equipment to rehabilitate the site may be more than $121 million.

90 per cent say global warming hurting Great Barrier Reef – govts need to listen

A James Cook University study out today shows Australians care deeply for our Great Barrier Reef and are concerned about its future.

“Australians have every right to be concerned about the future of our treasured Great Barrier Reef,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and climate change spokesperson, said.

Mark Latham’s sexist comments show urgent need for Sex Discrimination Commissioner

Mark Latham’s appalling comments about our admirable outgoing Australian of the Year, Rosie Batty, provide even more evidence the Liberal Government must stop delaying its already overdue appointment of a Sex Discrimination Commissioner.

“There is absolutely no excuse for domestic violence,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and spokesperson for women, said.

Qld Nickel should have been made to pay for job-intensive rehabilitation of site up front

Revelations that the state government failed to secure a bond for the rehabilitation of the Qld Nickel are deeply disappointing.

“It’s disgraceful that the state government failed to secure a bond from the company for the job-intensive rehabilitation of the site,” Qld Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader, said.

“If the refinery is shut down, rehabilitation would provide much-needed local jobs and would be essential to protect locals’ health, as well as tourism jobs by removing the pollution threat to the Great Barrier Reef.