Media Releases

Reef 2050 Plan fails on climate, dredging, dumping and shipping impacts

The Reef 2050 Plan, released 21/3/15, fails dismally in protecting the Great Barrier Reef from climate change, dredging, dumping and shipping. 

“This plan won’t stop the Reef becoming a coal ship super highway,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said.

“The plan identifies that climate change is the biggest threat facing the Reef.

“But it ignores the climate impacts of digging up one the world’s largest undeveloped coal basins and shipping it out through the Reef.

Greens call on Labor to provide certainty around mining on North Stradbroke Island and Cleveland’s Toondah Harbour redevelopment

Redlands Greens spokesperson and Queensland Greens Convenor, Penny Allman-Payne, has called on the Labor party to provide certainty to residents of North Stradbroke Island and Cleveland on the phase out of mining on North Stradbroke Island and the Toondah Harbour redevelopment, following confirmation Queensland Labor will form a minority government with the support of the member for Nicklin, Peter Wellington.

Greens warn Labor not to fund coal mine expansion in exchange for Katter Party support

New coal mines in the Galilee Basin are neither sustainable nor financially viable without massive government subsidies.  

 “It is very clear that Labor would not be in a position to form government without the very strong flow of preferences which Greens voters gave to the ALP.” said Greens Spokesperson, Charles Worringham.

Do not let the LNP turn our Sunshine State into the casino and coal state

Instead of Campbell Newman’s destructive coal and casino obsession, the Greens have a positive vision for Queensland’s economy.

“Queensland already has more casinos than any other state, but Campbell Newman is allowing another three, bringing the total to seven,” Australian Greens Senator for Queensland, Larissa Waters, said.

“Casinos and coal mines are not an economic strategy - they are a recipe for more problem gambling and climate change. 

“The Greens have a positive vision for a fair society, a healthy economy and a clean environment.

LNP ad blitz undermines fair democratic process

The Queensland Greens have today lodged a formal complaint with the Electoral Commission over advertising by the LNP. 

“LNP advertisements trying to scare people about numbering more than one box amount to a undermining of fair democratic process in Queensland.” Said Greens lead spokesperson Dr Charles Worringham today. 

We'll repeal the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act

The Greens will defend the people’s hard won civil liberties and repeal the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act 2013 (VLAD). 

One of the starkest lessons of the Bjelke-Petersen era was that excessive police powers are always going to be abused and misused, and innocent people are the victims.

We need to reassert the traditional rights of freedom of association, presumption of innocence, and equality before the law. The processes that safeguard against injustice are being treated with contempt by the LNP. 

Greens launch election policy to save our Great Barrier Reef

The Greens are today launching their election policy to save the Great Barrier Reef at the Sunshine Coast leg of national Reef rallies.

Greens Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, speaking at the Sunshine Coast rally, said: 

“This election is the Reef election and that’s because pressure from Greens supporters has finally got the big parties talking about the issue.

“But Queenslanders know the Reef needs more than election slogans, it needs real action, like the Greens are announcing today.

Greens launch plan to clean up politics in Queensland

The Greens today launched a comprehensive plan to restore integrity in government in Queensland.

Australian Greens Senator for Queensland, Larissa Waters, said:

“Political donations, secrecy and cronyism have poisoned Queensland’s democracy.

“The Newman Government has left Queenslanders shaking their heads in disbelief and thinking ‘here we Joh again’.

“Revelations this week about mega-donations from mining companies show our democracy is again for sale.

Greens opposition to selling off power, water and port assets

The Greens are implacably opposed to the de facto privatisation of public infrastructure outlined in the LNP’s Strong Choices policy. The Greens have been consistent in our support for retaining public assets in public hands, having also opposed the previous ALP government’s privatisations.

Greens launch vision for world-class public transport network

The Greens today launched a plan to revolutionise Queensland’s public transport system, with lower fares and a concession for Newstart recipients.

Australian Greens leader, Senator Christine Milne, in Brisbane for the launch, said:

“Queensland needs a government that will invest in a world-class public transport network.

“Queenslanders are paying among the highest public transport fares in the world and this is the only state in the country where Newstart recipients do not receive a concession.