Media Releases

First Take on Labor’s Budget by the Queensland Greens

“The Queensland Greens give Labor one big tick in this budget  -  as well as some big slaps on the wrist.   

“We support Labor’s announcement of the skills package, and especially welcome the Advance Queensland research and innovation proposal - which is uncannily similar to the Greens’ “Innovation for Queensland” initiative we put out in this year’s State election.

“But our support comes with a warning – you cannot turn research into new economic activity if successive Governments keep turning the funding tap on and off.

Greens leap on Liberals’ climate denial inquiry

The Australian Greens have ridiculed conservative Liberal MPs who are pushing for a House of Representatives Inquiry into whether “scientific evidence underpins the man-made global warming theory.”

If they still think the existence of human-caused global warming is up for debate, then maybe we should go right back to whether the earth is round or flat," said Greens Deputy Leader and climate change spokesperson, Senator Larissa Waters.

Greens support Chinchilla CSG victim facing Court

The Queensland Greens have thrown their support behind Chinchilla resident, John Jenkyn, who is facing court today in the Chinchilla Magistrates Court charged with ‘using a carriage to menace’ for something he allegedly wrote on his personal Facebook page.

Greens spokesperson, Elizabeth Ure, said she supported Mr Jenkyn because he and his family are innocent victims of the coal seam gas industry who do not deserve the treatment they are getting.

Palaszczuk government failing to deliver on key promise to restore public objection rights on mining

The Queensland Greens say the state Labor government is failing to deliver on a key election promise to restore the right for public objection on mining projects.

Greens spokesperson Charles Worringham said he understood the government is suggesting it plans to introduce the necessary legislation, but their time line would take them at least to the end of the year.

"This is completely unacceptable!" Mr Worringham said.

Greens call on Palaszczuk govt to review public transport fares, congestion and tolls

The Greens call on the Palaszczuk government to review South East Queensland (SEQ) public transport fares, engage community in Brisbane bus network redesign, and consider congestion charging in lieu of tolls.

Greens spokesperson Charles Worringham has welcomed the Courier Mail’s Get Moving SEQ campaign as the region is drowning under ever growing congestion and the public transport network is in crisis.

Palaszczuk government breaks first election promise with new permits for gas and oil mining

The Palaszczuk government has broken a promise it made in the lead-up to the recent state election to establish new rivers protection legislation and to work with all stakeholders in its design.

This promise was breached today when Natural Resources and Mines Minister, Anthony Lynham, released 11,000 sq km of land for exploration of petroleum and gas resources in the Cooper and Eromanga Basins along with 6sq km of land in the Surat Basin.

Greens Support Hopeland Gas-Field Free Community

The Greens today came out in support of the first gas-field free community on the Darling Downs.

The Hopeland Community Sustainability Group declared its community gas-field free on Saturday 16th May at a meeting of 50 people.

Greens to put Labor ‘under the pump’

The Queensland Greens announced today they will be campaigning over the next two-and-a-half years until the next state election to ensure the Palaszczuk government maintained a sensible reform program rather than protecting its slim majority by doing nothing adventurous.

Queensland Greens spokesperson, Elizabeth Ure, said the Greens believed the Labor government would introduce many necessary reforms only if it had to and so her party would be campaigning to get these adopted.

Larissa Waters calls on Labor to protect the Reef

Australian Greens Deputy Leader Senator Larissa Waters comments on the Palaszczuk Government’s announcement today that studies for the environmental impact statement for Abbot Point have begun:

“Climate change is the biggest threat the Great Barrier Reef faces and exporting hundreds of mega tonnes of coal through the Reef itself will make it much worse.

“We simply should not be building one of the world’s largest coal ports in the Great Barrier Reef in an age of climate change, especially when we have renewable alternatives.

Abbott Government’s budget fails to provide a positive vision for Queensland

The Abbott Government’s budget is visionless and won’t build a more caring society for Queensland or protect our state’s environment and climate.                  

“Although there are some positive childcare elements to the budget, the devil is in the detail for families,” Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader, said.

“It’s cruel to pay for childcare changes by cutting payments to poorer single income families and cutting paid parental leave.