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Public dental waiting list increasing again and likely to worsen, say Queensland Greens

The Queensland Greens say that Health Minister Springborg’s hyping of reductions in the public dental waiting list is seriously out of date and that the overall numbers have actually been rising for over a year.

Qld Greens respond to LNP feeling "incensed" over Obama speech

The Queensland Greens labelled the State Government “thin-skinned, graceless and defensive” over its response to President Obama’s speech at the University of Queensland on Saturday, adding that “the President’s remarks on climate change were measured, timely, correct and badly needed".

The State Government is reported in this morning’s Australian to be to be ‘incensed over what it sees as an ill-informed, insulting speech from Barack Obama about climate change’.

Boost home-processed Queensland farm exports to China, not the live cattle trade, say Queensland Greens

The Queensland Greens have called Campbell Newman’s unreserved support for the prospect of the live export of up to a million cattle, many of which would come from Queensland, “ill-considered”.

Spokesperson Dr. Charles Worringham said that Queensland farmers have great potential for expanded exports to China, but that the live export trade was the worst of all the options.

“Mr. Newman has failed to ask any of the obvious questions that the public will want answered”, said Dr. Worringham.

The Greens are Growing in Queensland

“The Queensland Greens have been active in the political space for over twenty years.” said new Greens Convener, Penny Allman-Payne, today.

“We are excitedly welcoming new members from all over Queensland in the lead-up to the State Election.”

“Voters are so sick of the same same in Queensland”

“It is like there are only two teams in the race, and no one wants either of them to win”

Queensland Greens Take Issue with Newman's Stance on the Future of Coal and CSG

The Queensland Greens today took issue with Premier Campbell Newman’s statement on the future of coal and gas in Queensland.

“The Premier is utterly failing Queenslanders by re-stating his support for coal and gas for decades to come, and by pushing any need for a transition away from fossil fuels into the indefinite future”, said Queensland Greens spokesperson Dr. Charles Worringham.

Greens ask why G20 agenda silent on unsustainable consumption

“We must reduce our ecological footprint if we are to have a positive future” Greens spokesperson Andrew Bartlett said today.

The Greens are following up the release of a report by the WWF which has concluded that Australia requires 6.25 ‘global hectares’ of productive land and ocean per person per year.

Queensland Greens support calls for media not to sensationalise and dehumanise murder victims.

The Queensland Greens support calls for media not to sensationalise and dehumanise murder victims.

Greens spokesperson Andrew Bartlett said today's coverage in The Courier-Mail unfairly sensationalised the transgender status of murder victim Mayang Prasetyo, who was recently killed in the Brisbane suburb of Teneriffe, alledgedly by her boyfriend.

"Tabloid media may naturally look for the most sensationalising angle, but that does not exempt them from the need to report responsibily, particularly when it comes to victims of murder or other violence," Mr Bartlett said.

New energy technologies should take over the gold-plated grid in the Regions say Greens

“The cracks are beginning to show in the outdated approaches to the energy industry by both major parties. “ Queensland Greens Energy spokesperson, Dr Scott Thomson, said today.

“Leasing the grid just perpetuates and locks in the problems.

Greens Back Former LNP Member's Call for Donation Transparency, Will Campaign to Restore Integrity to Queensland Politics

"The Greens have a strong record of campaigning for greater government transparency welcome Chris Davis's continued calls for greater transparency when it comes to fundraising activities by political parties," said Jake Schoermer, the Greens Candidate for Indooroopilly.

"We have been on the record for a long time in Queensland and other jurisdictions seeking to tighten the rules that govern political donations and the institutions that hold our elected representatives and governments to account, including the backing of a federal ICAC equivalent.

Greens Call for G20 GoCards for All

"G20 visitors get free public transport while residents have to pay their own way, to get out of the way.

"Brisbane has the most expensive bus and train tickets in the country. It is more expensive to travel one km in Brisbane than any other capital city in Australia." Said Greens spokesperson and Indooroopilly candidate, Jake Schoermer, today.

"News today from Scott Emerson, Minister for Transport, that 7000 visitors representing the 20 richest countries in the world will get free public transport during G20 is absolutely ridiculous.

"What about residents?