Media Releases

Greens will impale VLAD

The Greens will defend the people’s hard won civil liberties and repeal the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act 2013 (VLAD). 

One of the starkest lessons of the Bjelke-Petersen era was that excessive police powers are always going to be abused and misused, and innocent people are the victims.

We need to reassert the traditional rights of freedom of association, presumption of innocence, and equality before the law. The processes that safeguard against injustice are being treated with contempt by the LNP. 

Greens launch election policy to save our Great Barrier Reef

The Greens are today launching their election policy to save the Great Barrier Reef at the Sunshine Coast leg of national Reef rallies.

Greens Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, speaking at the Sunshine Coast rally, said: 

“This election is the Reef election and that’s because pressure from Greens supporters has finally got the big parties talking about the issue.

“But Queenslanders know the Reef needs more than election slogans, it needs real action, like the Greens are announcing today.

Greens launch plan to clean up politics in Queensland

The Greens today launched a comprehensive plan to restore integrity in government in Queensland.

Australian Greens Senator for Queensland, Larissa Waters, said:

“Political donations, secrecy and cronyism have poisoned Queensland’s democracy.

“The Newman Government has left Queenslanders shaking their heads in disbelief and thinking ‘here we Joh again’.

“Revelations this week about mega-donations from mining companies show our democracy is again for sale.

Greens opposition to selling off power, water and port assets

The Greens are implacably opposed to the de facto privatisation of public infrastructure outlined in the LNP’s Strong Choices policy. The Greens have been consistent in our support for retaining public assets in public hands, having also opposed the previous ALP government’s privatisations.

Greens launch vision for world-class public transport network

The Greens today launched a plan to revolutionise Queensland’s public transport system, with lower fares and a concession for Newstart recipients.

Australian Greens leader, Senator Christine Milne, in Brisbane for the launch, said:

“Queensland needs a government that will invest in a world-class public transport network.

“Queenslanders are paying among the highest public transport fares in the world and this is the only state in the country where Newstart recipients do not receive a concession.

Save Qld TAFE – starts with defeating Newman Government

Greens higher education spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon joined the Queensland Greens on the election campaign trail to set out plans to save TAFE from the Newman Government’s destruction.

Senator Rhiannon said: “A healthy future for TAFE in Queensland requires the defeat of the LNP Newman Government.

“Under the Newman Government, we’ve seen TAFE closures, teacher numbers down and fee increases – tenfold in some areas.

“The Newman Government is allowing TAFE be undermined by private providers that go for the cheap, easy-to-run courses that make for a quick profit.

Greens’ plan for a fair go for solar in the Sunshine State

With Australian Greens leader Christine Milne, the Queensland Greens today launched their state election campaign on a solar platform surrounded by supporters at Davies Park in Brisbane.

“Queensland is the sunshine state, the Greens want more solar at the residential, commercial and utility scale – it’s good for people and the climate.

“We want to make sure Queenslanders control their power bills, not the big energy companies,” Senator Milne said.

Greens to turn innovative QLD research into new industries for state economy

With Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Adam Bandt, the Queensland Greens today launched a plan to support innovative research and to turn researchers' ideas into new products and services.

Lead spokesperson, Dr Charles Worringham, who has been a research scientist for thirty years, said: 

"The Greens are promoting a healthy, diverse economy for Queensland that is bigger than just coal and casinos."

"Our plan for innovation will turn our researchers and entrepreneurs' best ideas into tomorrow's high-value industries, providing new jobs for Queensland."

Millions needed to fix Reef's water quality but Newman gives money away to big mining companies

New research shows $784 million is needed to improve Great Barrier Reef water quality, even before new the coal mines and ports, supported by the major parties, are built.

"Even though the Reef is already struggling, the Newman Government is set to make its water quality even worse," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said.

"The Newman Government is paying to dump the dredge spoil from the Abbot Point port expansion in the Caley Valley wetlands.

Greens call for domestic violence to be put on election agenda

Domestic violence must be put on the Qld election agenda. 

The Greens are calling for funding for domestic violence services to urgently be put firmly on the agenda of the Queensland election. 

"It's disappointing that the major parties are failing to put the critical issue of domestic violence on the election agenda," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens spokesperson for women, said.

"Domestic violence is a state emergency. In 2013 alone there were more than 64 000 occurrences of domestic violence in Queensland.