Qld Hopeless flaw in Qld Gov't job strategy

The Queensland Greens say that state Treasurer Andrew Fraser's letter to Suncorp over their plans to offshore jobs prove how shortsighted the state government's job strategy is.

US measurements should trigger full Australian field study of coal seam gas leakage

A study of gas leakage around shale gas wells in the USA has called into question claims by the gas industry to be better for the climate than coal, making an immediate moratorium on coal seam gas in Australia pending a full local field study even more vital.

QLD: Toxic spill in NSW further evidence of dangers of CSG

Today’s release of the results of soil and water testing conducted by the Wilderness Society at the site of a six month old spill of ‘produced water’ at a CSG drilling site in NSW is yet further evidence of the dangers of the massive expansion of the industry in Queensland, say the Queensland Greens.

Legal and Constitutional Committee Report into the evidence provided by the NLC

Government must come clean on ‘secret prison’ allegation

The Government must reveal all it knows about claims Australian forces assisted in transporting prisoners of war to a secret prison in Iraq in 2003.