Greens call for industry stimulus for small business

The Greens have called on the Treasurer and Minister for Trade, Hon. Tim Nicholls, to provide some real stimulus to small business in Queensland.

Greens accuse Newman Government of Work Choices agenda

The Greens accuse the Newman Government of preparing to launch an attack of Work Choices proportions on working conditions.

Greens spokesperson, Dr Jim McDonald, said that the Queensland Council of Unions could gain from closer cooperation with The Greens following the announcement by the LNP Government to change the State's industrial relations system.

Greens Oppose Draconian Proposals For Queensland's Poorest

The State Government should not support proposed legislation aimed at harsh control over welfare recipients, say the Queensland Greens.

Funding cut to HIV prevention body shows religious fundamentalists driving LNP agenda

The Greens have strongly condemned the shock announcement by state Health Minister Lawrence Springborg to unilaterally end funding for Healthy Communities, the community based HIV/AIDS prevention organisation.

Ship break down demonstrates dangers of shipping boom

The Australian Greens are calling on the Government to press pause on plans to massively increase shipping for fossil fuel exports throughout the Great Barrier Reef, as a bulk carrier breaks down just off Cairns and is drifting towards Shark Reef.

Abbot Point port crumbles in reprieve for Reef

In a reprieve for the environment, the climate and the Great Barrier Reef, the Queensland Government has decided that the massive coal export facility expansion, planned to make Abbot Point the largest coal port in the world, is deeply flawed and unviable.

Dubious spending priorities - Premier’s refusal to contribute to NDIS

The Queensland Greens have expressed concern about the Premier’s priorities in light of his refusal to contribute any money to the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in Queensland.

New CSG water impacts research too little too late: Greens

The Australian Greens welcome today’s modelling of the cumulative water impacts of coal seam gas in the Surat Basin, but say the Queensland and Australian Governments should not have issued approvals for CSG before this and other comprehensive scientific research has been done.

The Draft Underground Water Impact Report released by the Queensland Water Commission predicts some bores in Queensland’s best food-producing land will drop up to 150m and take at least the rest of the century to recover by 50 per cent.

“While we welcome this modelling about the long-term water impacts of CSG, it’s disgraceful that the Queensland and Australian Governments gave coal seam gas the green light before the science is in,” Greens mining spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said.

“There remain serious unanswered questions about coal seam gas, such as what to do with the many tonnes of salt extracted by CSG mining, or the real picture of the life-cycle carbon emissions of CSG in Australia.

“I am urging farmers to have their say about predicted drops in the water table from coal seam gas mining, and let the Queensland Water Commission know if these drops will impact the way they do business, or even if they can continue farming.

“It’s also important that the desktop modelling from this study is verified with checks against on-ground data, and revised annually, not just every three years as the Queensland Water Commission is planning.

“It’s well past time for the Australian Government to step in and press pause on CSG, until the necessary scientific research has been done to reveal exactly how CSG will damage our water resources, our environment and our prime agricultural land.”


Reconciliation lost in Musgrave

Adam Stone

Greens Spokesperson Adam Stone's the Drum opinion piece:

Tent Embassy Kelly Higgins-Devine interviews Dr Libby Connors, historial and Greens Spokesperson listen to audio link found here Dr Libby Connors

Queensland: A Part Time Heaven or Hell

The casualisation of the workforce over the past 20 years has been one of the most noticeable and disturbing trends in the workplace according to the Queensland Council Unions Submission to the Independent Inquiry into Insecure Work (2012).