Greens condemn broncos support of coal seam gas

Tuesday at a shareholders' meeting, Broncos executive Paul White was forced to defend his club's sponsorship by two mining companies, Anglo American and Arrow Energy involved in coal-seam gas projects, an issue that is causing deep divisions in Queensland and NSW.

Will Anzac Memorial Park survive 2012?

Acland closure

The Darling Downs township of Acland, population 1, will again host an Anzac Day Memorial Service in its park tomorrow, but the Greens are asking Premier Newman to confirm that the park will still be available for the service in 2013. 

The town’s Anzac park and monument will be lost to the New Hope coal mine if stage 3 of the New Hope Coal mine is approved.  The LNP promised during the state election campaign that an LNP government would not approve stage 3 but are yet to give any explanation of when or how they will stop it proceeding. 

‘It was distressing to note that despite all the election promises to residents of the Darling Downs there was not one mention of mining in Campbell Newman’s program for his first 100 days in office,’ state spokesperson for the Greens Libby Connors said today. 

‘Campbell Newman promised to protect farmlands and local towns through Strategic Regional Land Use Plans, a very similar concept to the New South Wales O’Farrell government’s regional planning. 

‘But Premier O’Farrell commenced work on planning to limit mining in rural New South Wales almost immediately. 

‘Is this the mechanism by which Campbell New man intends to block the expansion of New Hope? 

‘If not, how does he intend to fulfil his promise?

‘Those of us who want to see the Darling Downs and Scenic Rim protected, as Premier Newman promised, are  concerned that any delays to enact new regional planning will see many new or expanded mines proceed because there is no protective mechanism in place.’

Spokesperson Libby Connors said that the annual Anzac Day services at Acland have progressively grown over the past 5 years with about 300 people from across the district attending in 2011.  She said it was likely to be a good turnout again this year. 

‘It began as a way of expressing support to Glen Beutel, the lone resident who had refused to sell to New Hope and who maintains the Anzac Park first created by his parents.

‘It has become an expression of mourning the town the young veterans came from as well as the diggers who have gone off to war from this district.’   


Queenslanders to suffer after QR National Sell-Off

QR National will be even less accountable once the LNP privatises what remains in Queenslanders' hands, says Jo Bragg, the Greens' candidate in this week's by-election for South Brisbane.

Ms Bragg said the Premier, Campbell Newman’s plan to sell-off  the people’s remaining 34% of QR National was short-sighted and goes against the wishes of most Queenslanders.

Greens by-election and BCC campaign launch


This morning Senator Larissa Waters helped launch the long-term resident and candidate for South Brisbane Jo Bragg, who spoke on the issues that matter to local residents and supported by the Greens.  Ms Bragg emphasised how her Green's voice would bring a fresh vision, backed by 20 years of community law service to enable the local residents a say in their own community.  She spoke about how South Brisbane residents now have the opportunity to rethink the parliamentary imbalance, the lack of local attention by the old parties who has either taken South Brisbane for granted, or had treated the area as an extension of the city, and therefore allowed inappropriate and out of character development without recourse for locals to have a say in the feel or development of their electorate.   Ms Bragg wants her fellow local residents to know she will work hard to be their representative and to ensure good government, accountability for better outcomes for all.

Jo Bragg speaking

Jo Bragg, Larissa Waters, Andrew Bartlett

Jo Bragg, Senator Larissa Waters, Andrew Bartlett

Andrew Bartlett

Andrew Bartlett

Lord Mayoral Candidate for the Queensland Greens, Andrew Bartlett provided a vision for how Greens in the Brisbane City Council will deliver the true green feel to the city,

Vegetation laws useless without enforcement

Jo Bragg, Greens' candidate for South Brisbane, was responding to Minister Cripps' announcement yesterday of a review of enforcement of the Vegetation Management Act.

Review of committee system must enhance parliamentary scrutiny, not further undermine it

The Greens have urged the LNP to adopt a more innovative approach to their planned restructure of the parliamentary committee system if the committees are to have any hope of serving their intended purpose of bringing scrutiny and public input to government decision making.

Old parties collude to launch assault on environment

The Labor and Coalition parties are locked in a race to the bottom to shed responsibility for protecting Australia’s environment and clear the way for big business in their greed for short-term mining profits, the Australian Greens said today.

Overloaded opposition yet another blow to parliamentary accountability in Qld

Greens offer energy, principles and fresh thinking

Great Barrier Reef alarm call for World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day is a wake-up call to save the internationally renowned Great Barrier Reef from the devastating impacts of mass dredging, dumping and shipping for fossil fuel exports which the Federal Government’s strategic assessment won’t fix, the Australian Greens said today.

Mining towns unaffordable for communities while magnates get handouts

Queenslanders in mining towns are increasingly unable to afford housing and other basic necessities while the Labor Government continues to defend its planned tax cuts for big business and mining magnates, the Greens said today.