Billionaire admits interference in election campaign

The Queensland Greens today criticised mining billionaire Clive Palmer’s latest comments as proof of his contempt for democracy.

Tug of war to save Bimblebox from Palmer’s China First

Premier Anna Bligh has listened to the Greens and environment groups and committed to protect Bimblebox Nature Refuge from Clive Palmer's China First coal mine only a day away from the Queensland state election, heaping pressure on Campbell Newman to do the same should the LNP win Government tomorrow.

Obstructing cross-river rail is the opposite of a ‘real plan’

The Queensland Greens have strongly criticised the LNP’s short-sighted decision to defer land acquisitions needed for the cross-river rail project, saying it is further evidence of the old parties’ lukewarm commitment to public transport.


Protecting Mackay and the Whitsundays way of life means protecting Queensland’s farmers and food bowls.  It means having healthy coasts and waterways.  It means a better public health system with a greater focus on preventative care.

This is what the Greens are asking voters to consider when casting their vote tomorrow.

Gladstone fishers in court but still no substance from LNP

The Greens Candidate for Yeerongpilly Libby Connors today warned that the LNP had made no commitments as to what actions they would take in government with respect to Gladstone Harbour.

Fake HTVs Lack Integrity and Ethics

The Queensland Greens are disappointed that the ALP is lowering the standard of democracy and ethical electioneering with the issuing of fake how to vote cards (HTV’s) to voters.

 The fact remains that the Queensland Greens are not recommending any other party on their how to vote cards in 88 of 89 seats.

Old parties fail to rein in CSG for Queensland

The Labor, Liberal and National parties have again failed to commit to action on risky coal seam gas mining, voting down a second Greens motion for a moratorium on CSG two days before the Queensland state elections.

Only Greens back majority on Great Barrier Reef dumping

The Greens are the only party to oppose offshore dumping in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, as the Labor, Liberal and National parties voted down a Greens motion to stop any further offshore dumping approvals.

Bimblebox to be first test of Palmer’s power over Queensland LNP

The fate of Queensland’s Bimblebox Nature Refuge lies with how much power Clive Palmer will have over a Queensland LNP Government, as the mining billionaire banks on being allowed to turn the part taxpayer-funded Refuge into a 40 million tonne coal mine.

Protect our water with your vote

Today is World Water Day and in the context of the Queensland state election it is clearly only the Greens who are taking the issue of water seriously.

“Coal Seam Gas and uranium mining will be full steam ahead after Saturday if the polls are correct.” Queensland Greens spokesperson and candidate for Whitsunday Jonathon Dykyj said.