Only Greens back majority on Great Barrier Reef dumping

The Greens are the only party to oppose offshore dumping in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, as the Labor, Liberal and National parties voted down a Greens motion to stop any further offshore dumping approvals.

Bimblebox to be first test of Palmer’s power over Queensland LNP

The fate of Queensland’s Bimblebox Nature Refuge lies with how much power Clive Palmer will have over a Queensland LNP Government, as the mining billionaire banks on being allowed to turn the part taxpayer-funded Refuge into a 40 million tonne coal mine.

Protect our water with your vote

Today is World Water Day and in the context of the Queensland state election it is clearly only the Greens who are taking the issue of water seriously.

“Coal Seam Gas and uranium mining will be full steam ahead after Saturday if the polls are correct.” Queensland Greens spokesperson and candidate for Whitsunday Jonathon Dykyj said.

Billionaires’ mining boom damaging Queensland

The mining boom driven by billionaire magnates like Clive Palmer is weakening the economy and damaging regional communities and the environment, but the old parties don’t want to know as they are likely to block a Greens motion deferred to tomorrow to assess the real costs of the mining boom to Queensland.

CIA, Coal Seam Gas and the LNP

The Queensland Greens lead candidate and candidate for Mount Coot-tha responded to Clive Palmer’s claims that the Greens are funded by the CIA.

Tackle Youth Crime at Its’ Roots

“It’s time that we tackle the issue of rising youth crime as a cultural problem by acknowledging that we are not offering viable moral and social support to today’s young people,” says Greens’ Barron River candidate Dr Elaine Harding.  FNQ continues to see increases in youth crime in the areas of unlawful use of motor vehicle use, unlawful entry and theft.

ALP and LNP have work to do on Chermside plans

The news of push polling in Nudgee on LNP leader Cambell Newman’s dealings in developments has raised issues about the true intentions of the major parties on development in and around Chermside.

Greens Candidate for Moggill condemns CSG exploration permission from Mount Crosby to Brookfield

Moggill Greens candidate Jake Schoermer and Mount Ommaney candidate Jenny Mulkearns responded to reports of coal seam gas exploration permits for large parts of their electorates by saying “The Greens have been warning for some time that the multinational CSG companies will seek to explore for and develop coal seam gas without undue concern for where that may be or those who live

LNP bereft of new ideas on Indigenous issues

The Greens Candidate for Inala Michael Quall today responded to the LNP's attempt to recycle tired federal Coalition policies on Indigenous Affairs.

QLD Greens condemn Clive Palmer's disgraceful slur on candidates

The Convenor of the Queensland Greens, Andrew Bartlett, has unequivocally condemned today's comments by major LNP donor Clive Palmer attacking Greens candidates and campaigners.