Preserving Springbrook Gains

The Gold Coast Greens welcome the exciting conservation and environmental news after the Springbrook discovery of five threatened species of which two rare frog species thought to be extinct have been identified, declaring the mountain’s conservation buy-back program a welcome demonstration of Labor’s adoption of green environmental strategies.

Qld Greens Preferences

The Greens announced today that they will not be preferencing either major party in 88 electorates across the State.  The Greens how-to-vote cards will encourage voters to vote 1 for the Greens, and number any other boxes if they believe any other party has earned their preference.

CSG Sell Out by Katter, ALP and LNP

The ALP, LNP and Katter have sold out our farmers, coastal communities and businesses, our water and our planet.  Fortunately, the Greens are standing strong and sticking up for them. 

People decide preferences not parties

Andy Grodecki, Greens candidate for Beaudesert says " People decide preferences not parties.  That means where you put your pen on the ballot paper is where your vote goes.   A vote for the Greens is a vote for the Greens, not Labor or anyone else. 

Greens candidate opposes transforming Noosa Junction into fast food hub

 Greens candidate opposes transforming Noosa Junction into a “tawdry fast food hub”

Noosa Greens Candidate, Jim McDonald, said today that Noosa Junction is under threat of becoming a tawdry fast food hub, killing off the businesses that survived the effects of Noosa Civic sucking the economic life out of Noosa Junction.

Essential Greens

With ten outstanding candidates in all local electorates, the Gold Coast Greens say they are striving to bring justice to the human society and wealth back to the economy through their social justice and environmental principles.

Education forum: Greens have best policies for education and for teachers

Penny Allman-Payne, Greens candidate for Capalaba (and former state secondary school teacher), told yesterday’s Capalaba election 2012 education forum that the Greens are the only party that will persue real education reform and provide genuine support for teachers.

Noosa Greens candidate backs Queensland Council of Unions' Charter for Working Queenslanders

The Greens candidate for Noosa, Dr Jim McDonald, has declared his support for the Queensland Council of Unions' Charter for Working Queenslanders. He described the Charter as a comprehensive approach towards supporting the role of workers in the Queensland Economy.

Greens candidates and policies best for workers

Queensland Greens lead candidate Adam Stone has told the biggest industrial relations debate of the election campaign that the Greens are now clearly the party which best defends and promotes the rights of workers and unions.

What are the major parties hiding when it comes to uranium mining?

Media Release: Greens nuclear issues spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam. Thursday, March 15th 2012

The LNP and Labor need to make their position on uranium mining in Queensland clear, the Australian Greens said today.