Greens top poll in WWF assessment of Coastal and Reef policies

The Queensland Greens have welcomed the assessment by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) that they have by far the strongest election commitments for protecting Queensland's coasts and marine environment, and the hundreds of thousands of jobs that depend on it.

Greens condemn Tunnel traffic funneling reports

Queensland Greens lead candidate Adam Stone has condemned reports that road realingments around the entrances to the Airport Link tunnel will create bottlenecks and act to funnel traffic into the tunnel.

Greens tell Industrial Relations forum: Our policies are best for workers

Queensland Greens lead candidate Adam Stone has told the biggest industrial relations debate of the election campaign that the Greens are now clearly the party which best defends and promotes the rights of workers and unions.

Building Queensland’s clean energy economy

The Queensland Greens today released their energy policy for the state election, proposing an upgrade to Queensland’s feed-in tariff system.

Greens’ lead candidate Adam Stone said the policy would not only lead to reduced carbon emissions, but would also generate jobs in a growth industry.

Greens focus on small business as mainstay of FNQ economy

“In FNQ, we must urgently shift the direction of our regional economy to focus on supporting diverse and resilient locally owned businesses, rather than simply the boom and bust cycles of mining and construction,” says Greens’ Barron River candidate Dr Elaine Harding. 

Vote for better public transport

In 21st century Queensland we can have a 21st century public transport system says the Queensland Greens lead candidate Adam Stone.

Overwhelming majority oppose Great Barrier Reef dumping

Australians are overwhelmingly opposed to the Government’s approvals for dumping of dredge spoil in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, revealed by a new Galaxy poll released today.

Greens welcome Great Barrier Reef poll: call on old parties for action

Adam Stone, lead candidate for The Greens and candidate for Mount Coot-tha, welcomed Galaxy Poll results that suggested that 91% of Australians oppose the Federal Government’s approvals to dump dredged waste from coal port terminals in the Great Barrier Reef world heritage area.

Greens Shut Out of Chamber of Commerce Debate

A debate on the economy of the Cairns Region sponsored by the Cairns Chamber of Commerce on Thursday March 15 has failed to invite The Greens Party.  

Cuts to Palliative Care Beds at Canossa a sign of things to come

Palliative care is one of the failures of Queensland Health under Labor.