Greens call for G20 Go Cards for all

“G20 visitors get free public transport while residents have to pay their own way, to get out of the way.

“Brisbane has the most expensive bus and train tickets in the country. It is more expensive to travel one km in Brisbane than any other capital city in Australia.” Said Greens spokesperson and Indooroopilly candidate, Jake Schoermer, today.

Greens back former LNP Member’s Call for Donation Transparency, Will Campaign to Restore Integrity to Queensland Politics

“The Greens have a strong record of campaigning for greater government transparency welcome Chris Davis's continued calls for greater transparency when it comes to fundraising activities by political parties,” said Jake Schoermer, the Greens Candidate for Indooroopilly.

New energy technologies should take over the gold-plated grid in the Regions say Greens

“The cracks are beginning to show in the outdated approaches to the energy industry by both major parties. “ Queensland Greens Energy spokesperson, Dr Scott Thomson, said today.

“Leasing the grid just perpetuates and locks in the problems.

Queensland Greens support calls for media not to sensationalise and dehumanise murder victims.

The Queensland Greens support calls for media not to sensationalise and dehumanise murder victims.

Greens ask why G20 agenda silent on unsustainable consumption

Powell must listen to the peaceful protesters this weekend say the Greens

“What kind of Environment Minister begs the UNESCO World Heritage Committee to ignore the pleas of ordinary Queenslanders to protect the reef? asked Greens spokesperson Andrew Bartlett today.

Qld Greens call planned Powerlink lease “economically irresponsible”


The Queensland Greens have labelled the Newman Government’s planned leasing of the state’s electricity infrastructure assets as “amongst the most short-sighted and economically irresponsible ideas the LNP have hatched so far”.

Greens back Tony Fitzgerald’s call for major political reform

The Convenor of the Queensland Greens, Andrew Bartlett, has welcomed comments made by corruption buster Tony Fitzgerald, calling for major reform to Queensland’s political system.

“Mr Fitzgerald is right to call on voters to ignore voting for either major party until such time as one of them supports call for democratic reform,” Mr Bartlett said.

Greens call on Queenslanders to Keep up the Pressure to Save Reef

After the revelations exposed by Four Corners program last week, the Greens continue to call on all parts of the community to keep up the pressure to save the Reef.

LNP needed the Carbon Tax as the excuse for the massive electricity bill rises in Queensland