Senate Services, ICT review and internet filtering

Additional Estimates - Finance and Public Administration Committee - Monday 13 February - Department of Parliamentary Services

Senator LUDLAM: I have questions on the opening statement. Mr Kenny, on the ICT review that the President mentioned in the opening statement, I would like to ask a couple of quick questions of you or whoever wants to take them.

Greens welcome Rio’s attempt to protect new crab

The Australian Greens have today welcomed the recognition by mining giant Rio Tinto that a newly-discovered species of tiny crab will need protection from their proposed bauxite mine expansion in Cape York, and look forward to their support for a Greens bill to deliver that protection.

Qld: ALP must not leave office without resolving police discipline matter

The Queensland Greens today urged the state government to take action over the failure of the Queensland Police Service to enforce any meaningful discipline over officers involved in the botched investigation into Mulrunji Doomadgee's death on Palm Island almost eight years ago.

Greens urge action to free Australian journalist and activists detained in Egypt

The Australian Greens today condemned the looming expulsion of Australian freelance journalist Austin Mackell from Egypt and the detention of his colleagues.

Qld Noosa health services require an integrated approach: Greens

The loss of the After Hours GP service located in Noosa Hospital has undermined the provision of health services in Noosa, and created a growing health crisis, according to Dr Jim McDonald, The Greens candidate for Noosa.