Qld Noosa health services require an integrated approach: Greens

The loss of the After Hours GP service located in Noosa Hospital has undermined the provision of health services in Noosa, and created a growing health crisis, according to Dr Jim McDonald, The Greens candidate for Noosa.

A tale of two filters: more than 35 million sites blocked to senators and staff

More than a year on from the defeat of the Government's proposed mandatory net filter, Australia's parliamentarians have instead elected to heavily filter their own web access.

Qld Greens call for return of Noosa's water supply assets

Dr McDonald said, “The LNP doesn't have a policy to sell off Unity Water. But they don't have a policy that states they will not sell off any more State assets despite opposing the Bligh Government sales.

Qld Hopeless flaw in Qld Gov't job strategy

The Queensland Greens say that state Treasurer Andrew Fraser's letter to Suncorp over their plans to offshore jobs prove how shortsighted the state government's job strategy is.

US measurements should trigger full Australian field study of coal seam gas leakage

A study of gas leakage around shale gas wells in the USA has called into question claims by the gas industry to be better for the climate than coal, making an immediate moratorium on coal seam gas in Australia pending a full local field study even more vital.