Qld Reef statement misses the elephant in the room

The Queensland Greens say that the evidence that fertiliser and pesticide run-off onto the Great Barrier Reef is reducing is great news but the state government is ignoring one of the greatest threats that the reef has ever faced and that is dredging for port development and heavy metal contamination from mining.  


Additional Estimates - Tuesday 14 February 2012 - Environment and Communications Committee 

Qld Greens candidate promises changes to ethanasia law after historic jail sentence

The Greens candidate for Currumbin, Dr David Wyatt has repeated his promise to introduce a private members Bill to allow 
Voluntary Euthanasia in Qld.

Dr Wyatt said that such a change to the current draconian Qld Law was now a high priority following the historic 3 year jail 

Treasury officials admit mining jobs claims are a furphy

Senior Treasury officials in Senate estimates this morning have exposed as myth the claims about the overwhelming benefits of the mining boom.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 17 6:30PM - Public Forum: WikiLeaks, Assange and democracy: Don’t shoot the messenger

Australian Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam will speak at a public forum in Sydney tomorrow evening presented by the Support Assange and WikiLeaks Coalition and supported by the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism.