Optus court decision “common sense”

The Australian Greens have warned the Government and Coalition to avoid a ‘quick fix' stitch-up with the major sporting codes and media companies following the Optus Federal Court decision.

Vague Gladstone promises from Newman not enough

The Queensland Greens say that any incoming government following the state election should definitely review the environmental conditions on Gladstone's Western Basin Dredging project, so far Campbell Newman's vague statements are simply not strong enough.

Mr. Julian Assange's consular and legal rights


Mr Julian Assange

(Question No. 1483)

Greens propose new nation-wide CSG inquiry

A new Senate Inquiry into coal seam gas across Australia has been proposed by the Australian Greens spokesperson for mining, Senator Larissa Waters.

“The previous Senate Inquiry into coal seam gas only looked at the impacts of CSG in the Murray Darling Basin, but CSG is a problem everywhere,” Senator Waters said.

Greens push for greater protection of water from CSG

The Australian Greens are continuing the fight to protect Australia’s water resources from the risky coal seam gas industry, with a public inquiry on Senator Larissa Waters’ water bill held last night in Canberra.

The bill would allow the Federal Government to better protect surface and underground water from mining, including CSG, under national environment laws.