Minister using ASIO to spy at the behest of the fossil fuel lobby must be held to account

The Australian Greens have reacted strongly to confirmation that fossil fuel companies successfully pressured energy minister Martin Ferguson to enlist ASIO and the Federal Police in spying on climate change and clean energy activists.

Japanese intrusion in Australia’s sanctuaries ‘inflammatory and insensitive’

The Australian Greens have called on the Federal Government to ask Japan to remove is vessels from the Australian Whale Sanctuary, and to cease shadowing the Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin.

Qld Gladstone Ports blames toxic turbidity loophole

Gladstone Ports blames toxic turbidity in World Heritage Area on spring tide loophole.

The Queensland Greens have called on the Department of Environment and Resource Management to amend Gladstone Ports Corporation environmental licence conditions so that it excludes the natural variation clause and high turbidity is appropriately managed when turbidity levels are exceeded.

“Turbidity levels in the dredge plume site (ST1) were exceeded for 4 days over Christmas from 23rd to the 27th ," Queensland Greens state spokesperson, Dr Libby Connors said this afternoon.

“This was a toxic Christmas present for Gladstone harbour, but the data was not released until today, so the public were unaware of the dangers during this holiday period.”

The Gladstone ports have stated today that "the primary cause was the high spring tides experienced in the harbour." The Gladstone Ports Corporation also confirmed letters were sent out last month to state and federal MP's seeking support to remove the Gladstone Harbour from the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

Qld Labor-led corporation is out of control

Lobbying by the Gladstone Ports Corporation [GPC] to have the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage boundaries modified is a request to de-list Gladstone Harbour, according to the Queensland Greens.

Qld Loss of further economic sectors is unacceptable

The Queensland Greens say that revelations that the Coordinator General had urged compensation for the loss of Gladstone fisheries is as big a betrayal of the Queensland people as the ALPs privatisation of public assets.

Queensland Greens state spokesperson Libby Connors was responding to the latest news reports on coal port and coal seam gas developments along the Queensland coast.