Qld budget outlook requires cuts to mining subsidies

The Queensland Greens say the state government must cut back on its huge subsidies to fossil fuel industries if it is to be serious about debt reduction.

Griffith By-Election: The Greens’ Geoff Ebbs vows to keep the old parties honest

The Greens candidate for the Griffith by-election is small businessman, Geoff Ebbs of West End.

Mr Ebbs said the by-election provided an important opportunity to send a message to the Abbott government to maintain strong action on climate change and to avoid cuts in crucial areas such as schools, universities and jobs.

Sacking of PCMC removes last shred of independent scrutiny from Qld Parliament

The Queensland Greens say the Newman government has betrayed the trust which the public bestowed on them at last year's election.  

New Qld electoral law to entrench Government's power


Passage of Straddie Act confirms Newman Govt's anti-environment agenda