One Nation's appalling behaviour

The behaviour of the One Nation candidate for Fairfax is “appalling” say the Greens.

Two ALP rights make a wrong

Two ALP right factions have been fighting for preselection in the previously safe seat of Rankin. Unfortunately neither of these factions has shown any interest in addressing cost of living pressures, protecting workers’ rights, or in any way standing up to wealthy vested interests, just power, perks and favours.

Greens plan to cut farm power bills in Maranoa with clean energy

 The Greens’ plan to lower farm energy bills would greatly help farmers in the Maranoa electorate, says Greens’ local candidate for the Federal election, Grant Newson.

Bruce Highway solution needs more than just pork-barrelling

The Bruce Highway is a vital community and economic link for rural and regional Queenslanders and it deserves better than just more of the same thinly veiled pork barrelling and slogans from the ALP and LNP, say the Greens.

Greens plan will be million dollar boost for Queensland universities and students

The Greens today released new figures that show how Queensland universities can be $480 million better off and Queensland university students can avoid a potential debt increase of $115 million over the next four years.