Surge in koala deaths show need for stronger environment laws

The recent and steep decline of koalas across Australia show that our national environment laws need to be made stronger and not weaker as the federal government is planning, the Australian Greens said today.

New report shows Australia failing Rio commitments

On the eve of the United Nations Rio+20 conference, marking 20 years since the Rio Declaration on Sustainable Development, a new report commissioned by Australian Greens has found Australia is failing all of the environmental commitments it signed up to 20 years ago.

Threatened species listing for koalas a Greens win

Koalas in Queensland, NSW and ACT will be listed as a threatened species by the Australian Government, acting on the recommendation of the Senate Inquiry instigated by Senator Bob Brown and the Australian Greens last year.

Greens welcome Rio’s attempt to protect new crab

The Australian Greens have today welcomed the recognition by mining giant Rio Tinto that a newly-discovered species of tiny crab will need protection from their proposed bauxite mine expansion in Cape York, and look forward to their support for a Greens bill to deliver that protection.